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English 4th - Dictation

1. Whose is this pencil? It's mine
2. That's her umbrella
3. Our cousins are coming with us to the party
4. Their dog is swimming
5. His father is a mechanic

miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Science 3rd - The five senses summary

This is a prezi presentation that you can use to study before the exam.

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

PROYECTO ESCOCIA - Scotland quiz

After watching all the powerpoints about Scotland you have in the wiki, you're ready to take this quiz:

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English 4th - Dictation 5

1. My father drove his car.
2. She didn't do the homework.
3. Susan bought bread yesterday.
4. He played with the computer this morning.
5. My grandpa broke his leg.

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

English 4th - Dictation 4

1. She played tennis yesterday.
2. The dog drank water.
3. What's the weather like?
4. It's rainy and windy.
5. They lived in England two months ago.
6. My brother was playing with the computer.

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English 3rd - Daily routines games

This is a matching game about daily routines from enjoyenglish
Another activity by Montse Morales
One more from
And finally some activities from



English 3rd - Time and daily routines game

Practice the time and daily routines

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Science 4th - Weather and Climate

This is a link to "agrega" where you can learn about the difference between weather and climate. Watch the information first, and then do the activity.

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

English 4th - Songs for festival on November 27th

These are the songs we have to practice for the festival. Have fun!!!


English 4th - Dictation 3

Check your dictation:

1. She went to school yesterday.
2. I played football last Saturday
3. The cat broke the window
4. We were in the kitchen five minutes ago

English 3rd - Songs for festival on November 27th

These are the songs we have to learn and practice for the music festival on November 27th:


lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

English 3rd & 4th - The time (video)

Here is a video which explains how to tell the time in English. Watch it and then practice with the other games about the time.

English 3rd & 4th - The time (You need practice!!!!)

This is another game to continue practising the time. You are going to have an activity about the time on the next exam, so keep on practising!!!!

English 3rd & 4th - Telling the time game

One more game from Have fun!!!

One more game from BBC.

English 3rd & 4th - The Time Game

This is a game to practice the time.

domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

English 4th- Past Simple (Questions)

This is the ppt we saw today in class about questions in past simple. The only problem is that you cannot play the game. Sorry!!!!

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martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

English 4th - Present Continuous

This is the power point presentation we used in the class to explain about Present Continuous. Use it to study it for the exam  .  


miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

English 4th - "Going to future" activity

This is the activity you didn't have time to copy this morning:

  • Fill in the gaps using the negative form of "going to future"
  1. They __________________________________the lunch basket. (not/pack)
  2. I ____________________________________somebody the way. (not/ask)
  3. Rita ___________________________________Jim's book. (not/borrow)
  4. We _______________________________________a T-shirt. (not/wear)
  5. I ____________________________________on the red button. (not/click)
  6. The girls __________________________________at the boys. (not/laugh)
  7. Tim ______________________________________Sandra's hair. (not/pull)
  8. Andy and Fred _______________________________to a song. (not/sing)

viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Science 3rd - Science Day (20/06/2014)

These are some of the experiments  (some of them are from the following blog:

Potato and straw

Egg, water and salt

Balloon and noodles

Balloon, vinegar and baking soda

Three different size candles

Glass of water and card

And finally here is the video with the balloon ball

Science 4th - Science Day (20/06/2014)

Most of the experiments are from the following blog:

It's a very interesting blog with hundreds of experiments.


Balloon  and noodles

Potato and straw

Elastic water surface


Wineglass  and sound

And finally here is the video for making the balloon ball

Have a lot of fun this summer!!!!

jueves, 19 de junio de 2014

Proyecto Australia Teatro

These are some photos of the Theater we had in April. We had a great time with the boys of Educa y Aprende

jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Science 4th - Light game

A link to practice with "light"

Science 4th - Light video and test

In this link you can watch a funny video and take a test afterwards. Hope you like it!!

Science 4th - Light and colors

This is a video about light and colors to revise what we've learnt this morning. Take the test in the link below after watching the video

Science 4h - Gravity

This is a video about gravitiy.

Science 4th - How rainbow is formed

This is a very interesting video to learn about light and how rainbow is formed.

lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

English 3rd & 4th - Going to future

This is an activity like the one we did in class. You have to fill in the gaps using the "going to future", remember that first you have to write the correct form of the verb to be "am - is -are", then you write "going to" and finally the verb in infinitive (e.g. live, eat, drink, dance....)

This is an example: "Susan is going to visit her grandma on Saturday"

Click on the picture to do the activity

English 3rd - Units 10 and 15 Exam

On Friday 6th, 3rd A students will have the English exam of  units 10 and 15. Teacher Karina will tell 3rd B students when they'll do it.

This is what you'll have in the exam:
  • Must / mustn't
  • Going to future (affirmative, negative, interrogative)
  • Vocabulary pages 74, 77, 78, 108, 111 and 112
  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening activity
  • Writing a composition
Remember you have all the grammar, vocabulary and activities to practice in your English notebook.
You have also some worksheets and powerpoints in the wiki and some games in the blog.

Study hard and..... you'll succeed!!!

martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Science 4th - Solid and liquid

A game and a quiz to do afterwards.

English 4th exam units 8, 9 & 12

On Wednesday 28th of May, 4th A and B students will have the English exam of units 8, 9 & 12.  Remember to study:

  • Countable and uncountable nouns
  • A / an / some /any
  • Much / many / how much and how many
  • Infinitive of purpose
  • Should / could
  • Vocabulary of pages 58, 64, 67, 86 and 89

martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

English 4th - Preguntas tipo para examen Trinity (Grado 4 y 5)

Aquí os dejo dos enlaces donde podéis encontrar preguntas como las que el examinador va a realizar a los niñ@s para la parte de conversación del examen de Trinity. No dudéis en preguntarnos a Nerea o a mí cualquier duda que os pueda surgir.

Preguntas Grado 4

Preguntas Grado 5


Os dejo aquí un video en el que podéis ver cómo es el examen de Trinity de Grado 5 (ambas partes: topic y conversación). Es interesante que lo veáis con vuestros padres para que ellos también vean cómo es el examen. Como veréis no es nada difícil así que lo vais a hacer genial!!!
Hay dos videos uno para grado 3 y el de grado 5 que está más abajo.

jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

English 3rd - Superlative activity

II.  Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjective in brackets.
1.The Volga is the longest (long) river in Europe.
2. It was …………………. (delicious) cake I’ve ever eaten.
3. When David was a student, he was ………………. (tall) boy in his class.
4. J. S. Bach  is  considered ………….…. (good) musician of all time.
5. Asia is …….….… (large) continent in the world.

6. P.E. is ………………….... (exciting) subject at school.

lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

English 3rd - Question words activity

Fill in the spaces with What, Who, Where, How, How often, Why or        
1-___________ is she? She is a nurse.
2-____________ do you ride a bike? Sometimes.
3-___________ are they? They are in the school bus.
4-___________ is it? It’s a museum.
5-___________ is St. Patrick’s Day? It’s on 17thMarch.
6-___________ does he do homework? Usually.
7-___________ is this? This a ball.
8-___________ is he? He is a mechanic.
9-___________ is she? She is at school.
10-__________ is he? He is a hairdresser.

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

English 3rd & 4th Grade - How much / how many

How much   means "cuánto/a". It is used for uncountable nouns like "milk, water, money, cheese...". You cannot write uncountable nouns in plural
How many  means "cuántos/as". It is used for countable nouns like "ball, tomato, boy, glass...". You can write countable nouns in plural. E.g. "two balls", "seven boys"....

To practice this, you have these two activities:

Activity 1            Activity 2