lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

English 3rd - Question words activity

Fill in the spaces with What, Who, Where, How, How often, Why or        
1-___________ is she? She is a nurse.
2-____________ do you ride a bike? Sometimes.
3-___________ are they? They are in the school bus.
4-___________ is it? It’s a museum.
5-___________ is St. Patrick’s Day? It’s on 17thMarch.
6-___________ does he do homework? Usually.
7-___________ is this? This a ball.
8-___________ is he? He is a mechanic.
9-___________ is she? She is at school.
10-__________ is he? He is a hairdresser.

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

English 3rd & 4th Grade - How much / how many

How much   means "cuánto/a". It is used for uncountable nouns like "milk, water, money, cheese...". You cannot write uncountable nouns in plural
How many  means "cuántos/as". It is used for countable nouns like "ball, tomato, boy, glass...". You can write countable nouns in plural. E.g. "two balls", "seven boys"....

To practice this, you have these two activities:

Activity 1            Activity 2

Examples of mind maps

These are four examples of good mind maps. Have a look and check the differences with your own mind maps.

Lucía's mind map about weather (3rd A)

Victoria's mind map/summary about weather (3rd A)

Marina's mind map about parts of a plant (4th A)
Marina's mind map about the tertiary sector (4th A)

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

English 3rd - past simple activity

Fill in the gaps using the correct form from the verbs in brackets in the past simple
1. She _________ (be) my friend
2. You __________ (not break) the window
3. _______ he _______ (close) the window?
4. He _________ (do) the homework
5. The class __________ (start) at 9 o'clock
6. The match _________ (not finish) at 10
7. We _________ (be) at school
8. _________ you _________ (study) yesterday?
9. My friend _________ (come) to my house
10. The cat _________ (drink) milk

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

English 3rd - Past simple activity

This is the activity you didn't  have time to copy this mornig:

Write the following sentences in the negative form
Susan went to the park yesterday
We studied English last night.
You were my friend.
They broke the window
I did my homework
He was tired yesterday