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English 3rd & 4th - Present Simple

We use present simple to talk about things we do every day. We can use an adverb of frequency in sentences in present simple (always, often, usually, sometimes, rarely, never)

We always have lunch at two o'clock
In the third person singular (he, she, it) the verb has an "s" or "es", depending on the last letter of the verb.
You run - he runs

You watch - he watches
If the verb ends in "y" and it has a consonant before the "y" you have to change the "y" by "i" and then add "es"

You study - he studies
Practice the third person singular using this activity online. It is very easy to play, a boy will come out with a verb on a poster, you have to write the third person of this verb quickly before he falls down.

English 3rd & 4th - Present simple

Present simple games, you'll like these games!!!!



Natural Science 3rd - Bones

And now practice with the bones.

English 3rd & 4th - Negative sentences in present tense

This is a link in which you can pratice the negative.

English 3rd & 4th - Present Simple activities

Click on the picture to practice present simple.

This activity was created by Eva Sánchez

Social Science 3rd & 4th - Unit 1 - Representing the Earth

These are some webpages you can use to revise the unit:

Here you can read and practice  about maps. From  studyzone.org

This is a  link to learn how to use a compass rose. From  eduplace.com


Here you can learn lots of different things about all the continents. From kbears.com


This  is a game to practice the location of continents. From http://world-geography-games.com

 This  is a game to practice the location of oceans. From http://world-geography-games.com


Natural Science 3rd & Science 4th - The Digestive System

This is a video where you can learn about the digestive system. Watch it and after that try the quiz in the other entry.

Natural Science 3rd & Science 4th - Digestive system quiz

And after watching the video you can try this quiz to check what you know.

English 4th - Question words games

This is a game from eslgamesplus


A game from the British Council


English 3rd -Present Continuous

More activities!!

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Bones

Label the skeleton, let's see if you remember the bones.

Natural Science 3rd - Muscular system

A video to learn how the muscular system works

English 3rd - Present continuous activities

These are some activities to practice for next week exam

Natural Science 4th - Nutrients and Food Pyramid

This is a very interesting video to revise nutrients and food pyramid.

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Circulatory system

Another video to revise circulatory system

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Circulatory system quiz

After watching the video try this quiz to check how much you know about the circulatory system

Natural Science 3rd - Muscles

Use this activity to practice the muscles.