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Natural Science 4th - Matter

This is a game  to practice what you have learnt about matter: mass and volume, from

This is a  video from to learn about the properties of matter

This   is  a video and   a game  from the bbc  to learn about properties of matter

Naturale Science 4th - States of matter

This is a very interisting video from Make me genius about states of matter.

Natutal Science 4th - Gases game

Try this game and then do the quiz to see how much  you remember about the unit.

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English 4th & 5th - Writing letters

This is  a video to learn how to write a friendly letter. Watch it before writing our penpals!

And this is another video to distinguish between formal and informal letters

martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Science 4th - Early Humans Webquest

This is a webquest.

Social Science 3rd & 4th -Stone Age fun facts

This  is a link to dkfindout with a lot of fun facts about Stone Age

Another link from the to find out about Roman people

Another link from dkfindout about Medieval castles

Social Science 3rd & 4th - Pre-history Videos

These are a series of very interesting videos about pre-history. Watch them all. You'll learn many new things!!!

This is the prologue (an introduction)

Part 1 (Out of Africa)

Part 2 (Weathering the storm)

Part 3 (Agriculture rocks our world)

Part 4 (epilogue)

English 4th & 5th - For and Since

This is an activityy from about "for" and "since"

English 4th & 5th - Present Perfect activities

These are some activities to practice present perfect.

English 4th & 5th - Present Perfect game

This is a game to practice present perfect from

Natural Science 5th - Energy

Some interesting videos about energy

lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Plants activities

This is a very interesting link to revise everything we've learnt about plants

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Plant life cycle

This is a video for you to learn about the plant life cycle. It's really interesting!!!

Natural Science 3rd & 4th- How plants make their own food

This is a video about how plants make their own food. It's really interesting!

Natual Science 3rd 4th - Parts of a plant

This is a game to review the parts of a plant. Have fun!!

jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Classifying animals

Watch this interesting video from Brainpop to  learn how to classify animals

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Insects

A link  from britishcouncil to find out lots of interesting things about insects.

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Arthropods

This is a link  from studyjams to test what you know about arthropods

Natural Science 4th - Silk worms

This is a video to see how silk threada are produced

Science 3rd - Butterfly life cycle

This is a flash presentation to practice the life cycle of butterflies. You also have some games.

domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Natural Science 4th & 5th - The Food Chain

This is a video with explanation of the food chain.

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Vertebrate animals video

This is a very interesting video about vertebrates with very beautiful pictures of different animals.

Social Science 3rd &4th- Landscapes

This is a very interesting video about landscapes.

English 4th - Relative pronouns online activity

Another activity to practice.

English 4th - Relative pronouns games

Let's practice relative pronouns!!

Another game from

Natural Science 3rd & 4th - Frog life cycle

This is a link to learn about the frog life cycle. First you have a video with the explanation and then three games. Hope you like it!!!

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English 5th - Homework 07/'02/12

Fill in the blanks with 'a' , 'an' or 'the'

1.______ weather is fine.Shall we go for a picnic? 
2.No,I can't find ______ reasonable house to buy. They are all very expensive.
3.This is ______ man John sold his car. 
4.I have got ______ idea about the Maths project
5. ______ world has seven continents.Their names all start with ______ 'A'.
6.Sir, ______ woman you are waiting for is in the hall.She is making ______ phone call. 
7.All her life she wanted to be ______ actress, but she is ______ tailor now. 
8.If you take ______ 7 o'clock train, you can reach there on time. 
9.I've got ______ A+ from the English quiz and I'm very happy. 
10.Don't forget to post ______ letter I gave you. 

viernes, 3 de febrero de 2017

Social Science 3rd & 4th - Rivers in Spain

This is an explanation in Spainsh about rivers and watersheds in Spain

Rivers and watersheds:

Different games to learn the location of the most important rivers in Spain

Natural Science 5th - Ecosystems

This is a video to revise what you've learnt about ecosystems. It's in Spanish but I think it has a clear explanation.

Interesting information about ecosystems:

Social Science 4th - Water

An interesting game to practice what we are learning in class:

Learn lots of interesting things about water!

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English 3rd & 4th - Comparative activities

These are some activities to practise comparative and superlative form.

comparative 1   Comparative 2

Natural Science 4th - Reproduction

This is a very interesting video about female and male reproductive system:

Another video about how the baby is formed in the mother's womb. Amazing!!!

Social Science 5th - Middle Ages

This is a link to Miguel's blog where you can find lots of information about Medieval times.

And now you can watch these interesting videos about Al-Andalus and Visigoth Kingdom

English 3rd & 4th - Superlative

Two links to practice superlative. The last one has activities of comparative and superlative

Superlative 1     Superlative 2     

Comparative and superlative

English 3rd & 4th - Using adjectives to compare.

Here there is a video for reviewing comparative and superlative. It's a good video for both 3rd and 4th grade students.

English 3rd & 4th - Comparative and Superlative Games

Some games to practice comparative and superlatives from the British Council

Another game from