lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

English 6th - Conditional Sentences

Zero conditional game

First conditional activity

English 4th - Past Simple VS Past Continuous

Some games to practice past simple and continuous:
From  eslgamesplus
From englishmedialab
from eslgamesworld
from the britishcouncil

English 4th & 5th - Past Continuous

Basketball game to practice past continuous from eslkids world

English 3rd &4th - Past simple activities

English 3rd & 4th - Past simple regular verbs

Practice regular verbs in past in Adele's corner:

English 3rd & 4th - Reading & Listening (Past simple)

This is an activity to practice listening, reading and past simple:

From educarex

English 3rd & 4th - Past simple activities + Days of the week

Some activities to practise the past simple and the days of the week

English 6th - Must / Mustn't

These are two online activities to practice "must" and "mustn't"

English 3rd & 4th - "Was" "were" power point

This is a power point made by Gabitza, it's downloaded from eslprintables. It's very nice to practise "Was" and "were"

English 3rd & 4th - Past tense game

It's a game to review the past tense of some verbs. It's funny, you have to choose the correct answer and then play basketball!!!!

English 3rd & 4th - "Was" , "Were" fill in the gaps activity

Another activity in which you can revise the use of "was" and "were".

viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017

Natural Science 4th - Unit 2 Respiration and Excretion Vocabulary


  1. Oxygen: oxígeno
  2. respiration: respiración
  3. Respiratory system: aparato respiratorio
  4. trachea: tráquea
  5. bronchi: bronquios
  6. bronchus: bronquio
  7. lungs: pulmones
  8. spongy: esponjoso (como bob esponja)
  9. nasal cavity: cavidad nasal
  10. inhalation: inhalación
  11. exhalation: exhalación
  12. Breathe in: inspirar
  13. breathe out: expirar
  14. Excretory system: sistema excretor
  15. kidneys: riñones
  16. bladder: vejiga
  17. urethra: uretra
  18. urine: orina
  19. Waste substance: sustancias de desecho
  20. Sweat: sudor, sudar
  21. Store: almacenar
  22. Mineral salts: sales minerales
  23. Pollutants: contaminantes
  24. Toxic substances: sustancias tóxicas
  25. Smoke: humo
  26. Harmful: perjudicial

lunes, 13 de noviembre de 2017

Social Science 6th - Spain in the XX & XXI Centuries

Do you remember Ángel Perea's videos of Al-Andalus? Here you have more to help you learn contemporary history in Spain.

Spain at the beginning of the XXth Century

The Second Spanish Republic

The Spanish Civil War